Founding Story
Carly and Cesare (Chez) De Bartolo started their family-owned business back in 2013 with imported Sicilian gelato carts, before opening the now cult-status gelateria in Northbridge in 2016.
Our Process
We’ve been making all our gelato in our original Northbridge kitchen since 2016 and now the new Mount Lawley Production Lab will be Nonna’s home to all our creative new product lines and the heartbeat of our production, visible from all angles.
Production Lab
The Mount Lawley location is our centralised Production Lab. Working with Bosske Architecture, we designed this gelateria from the ground up with production in mind, giving our customers an inside look into the making process.
Sound On/Sound Off

Chicho Gelato in Mount Lawley

Made in-house, from scratch
Get an insight into the production of gelato, cakes, and italian pastries. We also produce all elements that go into each flavour including meringues (for Violet Lemon Meringue gelato), baklava (for our limited Baklava gelato special), nougat (for Dark Chocolate Nougat) and honeycomb (for Lavender Honeycomb).

House-made meringues for our Violet Lemon Meringues gelato