Whether it’s an ageless classic or a cutting edge concoction – flavour comes first at Chicho and it’s for that reason we write our own recipes, keeping things as in-house and hands-on as possible. The end result is you getting something unique and us being proud to put our name on it.

Our gelato maker dreams up new flavour sensations then spends weeks and weeks relentlessly tweaking the recipes to perfection before they hit the menu and ultimately your tastebuds. It’s important that each flavour we release into the wild is not just beautifully balanced but truly showcases the ingredients that went into it.

Our flavour menu is dynamic and is forever changing due to season and creative license. Flavours shown here are examples of past creations, please visit the store for current flavours or follow our social media channels.


Coming up with delicious flavours is great and everything but it’s only half of the story, you can’t make gelato out of thin air. We bring our ideas to life with the freshest produce we can get our hands on and, as much as we can, source it locally. Not because we’re lazy but because WA’s got some of the most phenomenal produce around and it would be crazy not to use it. Whether it’s mandarins from Gingin or prickly pear cactus fruit from a Nonna’s backyard in Dianella, we’re always on the lookout for the good stuff.

Admittedly not everything is local but when you taste the pistachios from Bronte, Sicily you’ll see why we made an exception there.


We’re constantly figuring out new things to serve up to you. Sometimes it’s due to our gelato maker riding the wave of inspiration (lavender & honeycomb / black sesame & grilled banana / watermelon & mint) and others it’s us putting together something special for a particular event, like our lemon myrtle & macadamia gelato for PIAF or the crucial negroni granita for Negroni Week.

These stunners don’t stick around forever so if you like the sound of something, get in before it’s gone. That said however, classics (that we truly make classic) like vanilla, chocolate and pistachio will be on the menu forever and some brand new creations like malted milk cornflake cookie are just too popular to bench. It doesn’t stop at the scoops though – special desserts and gelato sandwiches come and go throughout the year. We make the desserts from scratch then combine them with our gelato to form such delicious phenomena as Smoked S’mores, Bigne con Gelato, Cannoli con Gelato and our gelataria-baked brioche served according to the season. In summer you’ll find Granita con Brioche, Sicilian granita topped with fresh cream alongside freshly baked brioche to shred and dunk into your granita of choice. In winter we offer Gelato con Brioche, a scoop of gelato inside a brioche bun served fresh or toasted in our press.


We think we’re pretty good at what we do but it’s a big world out there, chock full of people chock full of good ideas. Every now and then we find one of these people who is a) a massive legend, and b) as excited as we are about inventing something as innovative as it is memorable. Collaborating with chefs and producers, allowing them the room to showcase their culinary background and ideas then us working with them to make it a reality… this is where the magic happens.

Collaborations are something we firmly had in mind when we started Chicho but we’re continually blown away by what people have brought to the table.

Stay churned to see what the next one is!